Septiembre 2016
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22 Sep 2016 
Another way to go . . . but not recommend

Assuming that the concrete has been thoroughly cleaned of oil, paint, etc., acid washing is an alternative to grinding a concrete surface. The goal of both techniques is to produce a porous surface for the epoxy to dive into.

Acid washing does have its own set of problems though. After acid washing and before the surface dries, you will need to pressure wash off the whole surface to get rid of the concrete sludge that the acid will bring up. (Otherwise it will just clog the newly opened pores again.)

You should be able to rent a gasoline powered pressure washer (2500 - 3500 PSI with 4+ gallons/minute water output) from your local hardware store for about $50/day. Also rent a 'turbo tip' for the pressure washer. This type of tip produces a cone of spray and is much less likely to scar your concrete than the standard tips that come with most pressure washers. (Don't even bother with the small electric models that are made for much lighter weight jobs like cleaning your car or tires. They just don't have the power to get the job done on concrete.)

Most professional installers of epoxy floors do not acid wash or pressure wash. There are just too many opportunities for the high pressure spray to damage the sheet rock, other wall covering or cabinets to risk it. It also requires a huge amount of water to accomplish the task. The appropriately-sized pressure washer puts out 4-5 gallons of water per minute. (Your local environmental protection agency also might take a dim view of flushing an acid solution down the storm drain.)


If you decide to acid wash, use Muriatic Acid (pool acid) from your local hardware store or pool supply store. Mix it at 1 part acid to 10 parts water. ALWAYS add acid to water, not the other way or the acid might splash. Wet the concrete surface lightly with water and, using rubber gloves and boots, pour the acid solution over small (10 ft sq or so) portions of the floor and scrub it with a stiff acid brush on a pole. The solution should foam if the acid is working properly. Do not allow any acid-treated areas to dry. Pressure wash them off quickly and thoroughly. It is also a good idea to neutralize the acid by drenching the acid treated surface with a solution of 1 part of household liquid ammonia to 10 parts of water (a pump-up sprayer works great for this) and pressure washing it down again with plain water.

Note: The acid solution will eat holes in your clothes and shoes if it splashes on you. As soon as you are done acid washing, neutralizing and pressure washing, throw your clothes in the washer. The alkaline soap will neutralize any remaining acid. Wash your skin and shoes (if not machine-washable) off with hot soapy water.

The acid concrete coatings Gold Coast washing will produce a fine slurry of wet concrete dust. The pressure washing is necessary to remove that slurry so that it won't just plug up the porous surface just created. Be aware that the slurry going down your driveway from the garage will make a mess and could etch the driveway surface if you don't neutralize it. (You can neutralize the acid with a 1:10 dilution of liquid ammonia and water applied with a pump-up sprayer or watering can.) You will also need to pressure wash the driveway. (Check with your local EPA about flushing this slurry and any acid residue down a gutter into a storm drain.)

Obviously the garage concrete surface will be wet after such a treatment. You will need to let it dry naturally for a few days. The process can be accelerated by using a big fan or a leaf blower. Only the highest quality 2 part resin based epoxies will bond properly to a damp concrete surface. If you are using a lesser quality epoxy, let the concrete surface dry out for a day or two longer than when it looks dry.
11 Agos 2016 
Garage Floor Tiles - Cheap and Long Lasting Flooring Solution

 by: Samantha Fisher

Garage floors get exposed to a selection of corrosive substances every day. Chemicals like grease, battery acids, antifreeze solutions, salt and motor oil will corrode garage floors created of concrete on prolonged exposure. The sad thing is that in spite of these risks, garage floor is usually the most neglected portion of any house. Folks might put up granite or marble tiles in their kitchen and toilet floors, however few ever pay a lot of attention to the cold, damp garage floor. Putting up dry walls in a very garage may be a sensible alternative to go for but that also won't protect the floor. Some kind of protection for the garage floor is critical, if it's to be expected to last long.

Garage floors can be shielded from everyday corrosion by a variety of protecting measures. Vinyl or lacquer paints can be applied to the floors. But the process is both time consuming and laborious. Not precisely the issue a busy professional will do in a very short time period. For the visit folks with little time in hand, garage floor tiles are the simplest options.

Garage floor tile return in disposable packages and already have adhesives applied to the downside. These will be peeled off and pasted on the garage floor after it has been cleaned to create it freed from grease and oil, just the way one would apply stickers. Minimal quantity of equipments are required for the task. Simply a combine of kneepads, a sharp utility knife to cut the overlapping tiles to shape, and a measuring tape are required to hold out the process. The time needed isn't too nice either. One or two days of effort are sometimes enough. This makes it the perfect weekend project.

Garage floor tiles come back in numerous colours, patterns, and shapes. The most popular patterns are ribbed, coin shaped, or diamond shaped. The tiles fully resist any sort of corrosive substance and will be washed, swept, or hosed to scrub them. These are highly immune to chipping and peeling, and can stand up to the load of even the heaviest vehicles. The tiles also are heat resistant and so will be applied in any season.

The garage floor tiles will increase the market price of a house to some extent. If a house owner chooses to sell his/her house in future, the tiled garage floor will raise the value of the house to quite an extent and will additionally entice prospective consumers at the identical time. Application of tiles on the garage floor is so a sensible combination of protection and worth addition for any house.
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04 Agos 2016 
Epoxy floors San Diego is the best option for your floors. There are many advantages credited to its account that you can benefit from. First of all, Epoxy floors have seamless and impervious membrane. Having such kind of a membrane makes them resistant of dirt and bacteria. No kind of bacteria can penetrate in this floor. Thus, if you visit website beautify your garage with Epoxy floors then you can be sure of its safety even years later.

Another advantage of the Epoxy floors that make them the best choice for your needs is that these floors are cleanable. If you get more coats on the flooring then the surface gets smoother and becomes easy to clean. Our expert installers ensure that you get the best possible coating available for your garage floors. Moreover, Epoxy floors are skid resistant. Our experienced team knows how to apply quartz aggregate in the right proportion to obtain different textures.

You get the benefit of getting a huge variety of textures with Epoxy floors. So, now your garage does not have to bear that boring and untidy look. Use your favorite textures and color schemes to decorate your garage with gorgeous Epoxy floors. These floors also come with the feature of chemically resistant. This quality makes them immune from chemical attacks of water, acids, caustics, solvents and sugars. So, if you are organizing a party at your garage, just relax and do not worry about the garage floors - if they are Epoxy they are safe!

Epoxy floors are considered the most durable and impact resistant floors available in the market. Irrespective of the coating applied - flexible or thick poured floor - these floors are tougher than any other floor. And the last factor that makes it the first choice for our customers is that they are decorative. Epoxy flooring use colored quartz aggregates or colored pigmented resin to make the floors look decorative.

Thus, all these qualities of the Epoxy floors make it the first choice when you think of beautifying your garage.

We are experts in designing and installing Epoxy floors San Diego. We are just a call away to provide you with our valuable services. Give us a call to get a free estimate for all kinds of garage flooring needs. Our services are available in San Diego, Austin and Las Vegas.

By: Nu Garage

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Nu Garage and Epoxy specializes in garage floors in San Diego and Las Vegas. The company is known for designing and installing beautiful garage floorings.
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28 Jul 2016 
According to the World Floor Covering Association, wood floors are a long-lasting, wear-resistant alternative to other types of flooring. It is helpful to know the proper way to clean them, whether you are thinking about installing a wood floor or already have them in your home.

Determine the finish

Your floor's sealing will govern the most effective way to keep it clean and in good condition. Find a small section of the floor that is not easily visible, perhaps behind a door, so you can run some tests to determine the generic finishing.

First, apply a few drops of rubbing alcohol. If the finish starts to soften and becomes sticky, you have a shellac finish. You can also try scratching the floor with a coin. If this causes the finish to flake, the floor is probably shellac or varnish. If the area crumbles instead when you scrape, you have a urethane or polyurethane finish. If you apply a small amount of paint remover to the floor and the finish bubbles, it is probably a urethane finish.

In a new spot, apply two drops of water. If white spots appear within 10 minutes, your floor has a wax finish. You can also check for wax finishes by wiping a drop of mineral oil and seeing if the cloth has a yellowish-brown stain.


According to the National Wood Flooring Association (NWFA), polyurethane-finished floors require regular cleaning using visit a dust mop, broom or vacuum. Do not wax a floor with surface finishing.

Michael Martin, CEO of the NWFA, recommends sweeping or vacuuming wood floors at least once a week to remove dust and dirt from the surface. Standing water can cause damage and discoloration to the floors, he says, so you should avoid cleaning them with a wet-mop.

"[Instead,] wipe up all spills immediately with a dry or slightly dampened towel," he says.

For particularly grimy or dirty spots, use a hardwood floor cleaner that contains alcohol or vinegar, says Eric Hurst, president of -- a nationwide distributor of hardwood floors.

"Avoid cleaners that contain oils," he says. "They will basically leave a greasy film over your entire floor that will show every single footstep and smudge, and you'll have a really difficult time getting your floors to look pretty again."


Prevent scratches by placing soft felt or protector pads under the legs of all furniture. This is especially important when you move heavy pieces of furniture across the floor. Use curtains, blinds or other window treatments to provide shade for your floors and prevent sun damage.

Floor mats will catch dirt before it has a chance to make it to your floor, so place them at every entryway. Use rugs to protect places on which water may easily be splashed, like in front of the kitchen or bathroom sink. Make sure the mats and rugs are made for wood floors, as certain types may damage your floor.

If cleaning your polyurethane-finished floor does not restore the shine, you may need to re-coat the floor. Severe damage may require that the floors be sanded and refinished. Waxed floors should be buffed to restore their shine.

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18 Jul 2016 
For years the utilization of epoxy grout was seldomly heard about in residential applications. From cutting speeds of maybe five times a lot more than ordinary machining, today's advanced tools and holders mean faster rpms and specific materials that select specific applications. Most custom work on boats is done with adhesive tape on products which work well leading to straight lines.

Flexico Perth offer showroom quality Polyurea Floor Coatings with Citadel Floors. These large floaties can be inflatable horses, dolphins, frogs, whales, seahorses, and much more, and many of these come with reins which means that your child can hold on tight and go for Clicking Here any ride or hop off to swim alongside. These large floaties can be inflatable horses, dolphins, frogs, whales, seahorses, and much more, and most of them come with reins so your child can hang on and go for a ride or hop off to swim alongside. Easy maintenance, highly resistant to damages and long lasting- every one of these features includes epoxy floor paint alone. It is thick enough to make use of several layers to fill out imperfections.

Depending about the type of interior space, the industrial epoxy coating has its own advantages. With us, be sure that your flooring will probably be installed within the way you want it to be. well to the concrete, it can be a great option to put over epoxy paint or .

There is not any must just possess a simple concrete slab, which is commonly observed in garages. Benefits including abrasion resistance, durability, non-dusting and spill resistance make polished concrete floors a good selection for bringing new life to dull and lifeless flooring. Reapply the paste if any paint remains.

By designing your kitchen with all the Tuscan design style and bring within the look of old Tuscany your kitchen and home won't ever be quite the same. Dip a paintbrush into the paint and apply a coat for the window sill and frame. For Everyone:.

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